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Gizmo -a former prize from a carnival game in Virginia is one of many up for adoption. 





We are temporarily not taking any more iguanas.  We are overwhelmed, especially due to several carnival midways giving iguanas as game prizes.  We are taking bearded dragons.

Our iguanas and/or bearded dragons that are up for adoption can be seen at www.petfinder.com


At this time, we have limited spaces for iguanas.  The founders of this organization were concerned about organizations that warehoused animals and we wrote our Bylaws to prevent this from happening.  We all have iguanas that were rescues and have permanent sanctuary due to their temperament or injuries. We will try to connect people looking for homes with those looking for iguanas.  It is highly advised that you search for an iguana in driving distance, since shipping is difficult and can result in injury or death.  We expect owners to ask plenty of questions.  In the recent months, many iguana rescues across the country have been alarmed by the number of people who are desperately seeking to adopt all the iguanas that they can find.  We assure you that ONE iguana is a handful and most people who are collecting many animals will burn out in a couple of years.  Rescues aren't equal.  Visit any rescue that you donate an animal to and be wary of one that won't let you see inside.  Iguanas should always be caged separately and rescues that allow them to free roam can mean injury or death to your iguana.

The iguana is the lizard that will most often be seeking a home.  This is because they are cheap and they should never be a child's pet.  There is no monetary value to an adult iguana.  The last time we contacted the Norfolk Zoo, they were receiving 2-3 calls a week from people wanting to donate an iguana.  Adult iguanas are very hard to adopt out, but online adoptions have the best success and this is why we will post pictures on line.

Finally, if you cannot find a home anywhere, please surrender the animal to animal control.  It is illegal to release an exotic animal in the state of Virginia or North Carolina.  It is also illegal to release an exotic animal in the state of Florida and the non-native iguana problem is growing in Florida.  Please be a responsible exotic pet owner.