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IguanaFIRST 2001 Iguana Picnic

The day turned out great for the iguanas, since the temperature was around 90 degrees.  Lucky for both the kids and iguanas, there was a pool to cool off in.  Seems that this year's picnic was for the male iguanas, with 6 males showing up and only 1 female.  There was plenty of food to go around and refreshments.  As always, the iguanas found the pool to be enjoyable....well for most of them it was!  A special thanks goes out to Stacy and Wayne for hosting the event again this year at their house.  We would like to also thank the many people who drove from North Carolina to be at the event. 
We look forward to next years event and offer anyone who wishes to attend to contact us for more information on the event.


Johnna and Baby Cindy and Felix Picnic group Lars & Johnna from NC Leno & Dan from NC
Leno & Patti Peeps watching an iguana in the pool Sharon, Travis, Leno & Sue Wayne our cook and host for the event Tom, Sue & Patti
Ed, Sharon's husband Harry at his finest Kermit Felix Leno in for a swim
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