and Oscar



Bearded Dragon Diet

Bearded Dragons eat the same greens that iguanas go, except they can not eat any citrus fruits. Bearded Dragons eat more greens and fruit and less crickets, super worms, wax worms, etc as they get older. Occasionally, we feed the dragons brown moths that get in the house. Caution must be taken to assure the dragons don't eat a Fire Fly or Lightning Bug. One of these bugs will kill a Bearded Dragon.


Health Issues


Worms and Parasites

Almost all Bearded Dragons need medicine for pin worms and coccidia. Collect a fresh stool sample and take it to your veterinarian.


Chrysosporidium (Yellow Fungus)

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Female Bearded Dragons don't usually lay unfertilized eggs, however, Oscar laid eggs for over a month. She has a box with sand and she dug and dug, but she laid most of her eggs outside the box.